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Woodview Facilities

Mental Health Services provided

  • Residential services to a varied number of people with SP/MI, SP/MI and chemically dependent, and SP/MI and dangerous
  • ARMHS services
  • Outreach programs
  • Transitional housing
  • Peer Centers

Our community based services will be supportive and will include, but are not limited to assisting the client in the following areas:

  1. Home visits, wellness checks and problem solving;
  2. Securing and supporting individuals in their housing;
  3. Maintaining or attaining health care and other benefits for the client;
  4. Maintaining employment, assisting with job applications, job seeking and work toward securing a stable financial future;
  5. Effective coping with daily living skills and leisure activities;
  6. Preparation of goal plans with client input;
  7. Communication skills;
  8. Relapse prevention skills;
  9. Budgeting and shopping skills;
  10. Healthy lifestyle practices;
  11. Cooking and nutrition skills;
  12. Household management skills;
  13. Educating clients about treatment recovery regarding mental illness through group and individual activities and assignments;
  14. Encourage social support through support groups and mentoring in an effort to promote recovery and eliminate isolation;
  15. Utilize other community partners in providing services;


Our services are truly individualized services and will be developed with client needs, wishes and input as the focus. Services will be provided with respect in regard to community values and cultural diversity. Problem solving on the part of client will be a key focus in all services provided. All services will be provided in accordance with the Individual Service Plans (ISP) developed by each individual’s social worker or case manager.

Woodview has worked with two counties to convert Rule 36 intermediate care facilities to other residential facilities. One such facility served for many years as a Board and Lodge in the Brainerd area, as well as a two bed crisis unit for persons experiencing mental health symptoms. The other facility is in Wadena and has been converted to and is currently a four bed foster care home on the main floor, two transitional apartments on the second floor and a drop-in-center center in the lowest level.

Woodview currently sponsors or has sponsored in the past both activity groups and support groups. Our support groups have focused on general living skills, mental health maintenance, budgeting, relationships, alcohol and drug education and Egala. Our activity groups have centered on cooking, music, crafts and other client interests. Currently, we offer: Wise Women, Creative Cookers, The Woodview Boys, Woodview Choir, Ensemble Group, Guitar Lessons, Acorn (Children’s Group), teen groups, music & movement and Woodview Bowlers.

At present, Woodview Homes has two mental health professionals on staff.  The mental health professionals are available for training and support to staff. The mental health professionals will not interfere, but rather work in conjunction with the county clinical supervisor.

Furthermore, we have mental health professionals, mental health practitioners, qualified developmental disability professionals, a registered nurse and administration staff that are on call and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.

Openings in Our Homes

  • Little Falls         811 Home      1 bed available              Split level home with a large yeard in a quiet neighborhood within                                                                                                  walking distance to shopping and parks.  Currently a co-ed home.      


All openings in our homes may not be listed as openings can occur at any time. Please call to inquire if the community you desire to place your loved one is not listed above.

Respite Care

  • Please contact us for open beds available in all communities in which we operate foster care homes.

Openings in Services

  • We are continually accepting new individuals into all support services programs that we provide including but not limited to ARMHS and CSP/Outreach.


To be a leader in quality residential and support services for people with special needs, now and in the future.