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Woodview Support Services

Counties in which Woodview provides services

  • Crow Wing
  • Aitkin
  • Wadena
  • Todd
  • Morrison
  • Cass
  • Itasca
  • Woodview is currently and always has, provided services to individuals from throughout all of Minnesota.


Mental Health Services provided

  • Residential services to a varied number of people with SP/MI, SP/MI and chemically dependent, and SP/MI and dangerous
  • ARMHS services
  • Outreach programs
  • Transitional housing
  • Peer Centers

Our community based services will be supportive and will include, but are not limited to assisting the client in the following areas:

  1. Home visits, wellness checks and problem solving;
  2. Securing and supporting individuals in their housing;
  3. Maintaining or attaining health care and other benefits for the client;
  4. Maintaining employment, assisting with job applications, job seeking and work toward securing a stable financial future;
  5. Effective coping with daily living skills and leisure activities;
  6. Preparation of goal plans with client input;
  7. Communication skills;
  8. Relapse prevention skills;
  9. Budgeting and shopping skills;
  10. Healthy lifestyle practices;
  11. Cooking and nutrition skills;
  12. Household management skills;
  13. Educating clients about treatment recovery regarding mental illness through group and individual activities and assignments;
  14. Encourage social support through support groups and mentoring in an effort to promote recovery and eliminate isolation;
  15. Utilize other community partners in providing services;


There is no exception at Woodview: The client comes first. The dignity and confidence resulting from individualized, client-centered care opens a myriad of doors for each client.

Woodview provides safe, comfortable living for clients with physical and mental disabilities. Woodview understands the need for a calm and private setting that a home provides.  The staff at each home strives to convey that sense of comfort and security to residents.

Woodview provides community support services, wherever a client may live: at home, in a foster care home, or with parents. In Brainerd, Woodview also provides support to students attending Central Lakes College.

Woodview Residential Services provide various types of residential and support services in the following counties: Aitkin, Crow Wing, Itasca, Morrison, Todd, Cass and Wadena.

Through community networking, Woodview fosters interaction and activity outside the home setting, and builds relationships between community organizations and clients. Woodview has also been a founder of several successful community clubs and activities, increasing awareness and involvement for all community members.

Opportunities for clients reach far beyond the home and community. Human needs for exploration and adventure are met through day trips and outings – whether it be a day of ice fishing on Mille Lacs Lake or trip to the Twin Cities to take in a concert. Woodview staff helps to build confidence within each individual through endless opportunities often taken for granted by others.



Woodview provides residential and support services through Woodview Residential Services.

Founded in 1981, Woodview has developed ICF/MR Class A and B facilities, Semi-Independent Living Services (SILS) and Supportive Living Services (SLS), crisis services, in-home family support, and respite care.

Woodview Residential Services, developed in 1985, operates two Department of Human Services, Category 1 facilities serving persons with mental illnesses.

Woodview provides services to persons from throughout Minnesota.


With so many people in Minnesota requiring specialized care, Woodview feels a responsibility to provide quality services to all individuals with a need for dignified, progressive care.

Woodview realizes there are thousands of others in the state who require specialized programs and have a right to dignified living.  In response, Woodview will continue to expand its services to meet as many needs as possible.


To be a leader in quality residential and support services for people with special needs, now and in the future.